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Quality Education

With LFSC's state-of-the-art facilities, you will experience the latest learning and development methodologies in the field of education. With our top caliber teachers, fully air-conditioned rooms, and small class size, students will get maximum benefit from individualized instruction. Theories learned in class are then put into practice through different environmental situations. Maintaining our theme of "Learn-and-Apply". These are only few among the things that LFS provides to achieve quality education, therefore bringing out the maximum potential of each student.

Quality School since 2003

La Finns Scholastica Colleges, began as LUCN ( La Union Colleges of Nursing) that specialized in producing globally competitive nurses, who are now earning good salaries in different parts of the world. The school then advanced its endeavor to produce top-caliber graduates and evolved to LUCNAS ( La Union Colleges of Nursing Arts and Sciences) as the school added other programs. It is now named LFSC (La Finns Scholastica Colleges) to match the school's international standards which are not only limited nationally, but also globally. For we believe, that real excellence is being globally competitive.

Learning benefits :

  • Small Class Size
  • Conducive Learning Environment
  • Wide and Varied Curriculum
  • Excels in Athletics (Basketball)
  • Set in a Scenic and Secured Place
  • English Speaking Campus
  • Fully Air-conditioned Classrooms
  • Free Wi-Fi Campus

Why our school?

LFSC will equip you with the greatest gift one can ever dream of having a well-rounded education that will give you the know-how and character that is more than enough in whatever line of life you may choose to take and to see you through any predicament you may find yourself in.

How the system works?

The system of striving towards excellence will work for you, as long as you submit the following:

  • Form 137
  • Form 138
  • Birth Certificate (Philippines Statistics Authority)
  • Certificate of Good Moral
  • ID picture 2x2 (3 copies)


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Registry0977 321 3654

                  0910 004 4482

                  0977 736 7489

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