Our History

Mr. and Dr.  Zenaida C. Finn began their early entrepreneurial partnership as a recruitment agency, The Manpower Health Services International Philippines Inc. and its mission was to send Registered nurses and other medical practitioners like physical therapist, occupational therapist and nursing aides to United States Of America. This then led to the conceptualization of having a college, because they wanted to send truly qualified graduates to America and that's the reason why La Union College of Nursing was founded and had the Permit to Operate  as a school last May 16, 2003


It had initially 53 enrollees, during the first semester school year 2003-2004, increasing to 130 during the second semester, the enrollment gradually increased to more than a thousand, after 2 years of operation, having then their first graduates on March 2007.


In 2008, the school decided to expand its course offering to include the Arts and Sciences. Hence, the name of the school was changed to La Union College of Nursing, Arts and Sciences.


The college had increased its course offerings to 9 Baccalaureate Degree Programs under CHED, 16 short term courses under the TESDA, and the Basic Education Program, Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School all with government recognition.


The La Union Colleges of Nursing, Arts and Sciences is still known to be a Nursing School as it used to be though it has already expanded its course offerings to include the Arts and Sciences. To correct such notion, the Board of Trustees decided to change the name La Union Colleges of Nursing Arts and Sciences to the school’s present name – La Finns Scholastica in 2012 and now 
La Finns Scholastica Colleges.


We envision La Finn’s Scholastica Colleges to be a paragon of educational excellence, producing graduates whose training and expertise can be at par with local and global standards.





Inspired by our vision, we shall endeavor to provide quality educational experiences that will enable out students to acquire functional knowledge, creative skills and desirable values, thus, preparing them to be  truly effective and efficient professionals in their own area of expertise.