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Please be advised that following the DepEd/CHED guidelines students may register online using the contact page of the website. Or you may email the school using: or visiting the FaceBook site of the College, or calling into the College Registry. Open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Mon to Fri For entry into the College, please follow the Hygiene Code: No Mask - No Entry and Sanitation Procedure on Entry.

The College/School is now accepting enrolments for 20-21

The new School Year will commence on 24 August 2020. Should the Education Authorities make any changes we will inform all registrants. Until the commencement of classes, please stay safe and at home.

Thank you,

Dr. Peter D. White

College Director   




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Why Choose LFSC?

Our Vision and Mission

We envision La Finn’s Scholastica Colleges to be a paragon of educational excellence, producing graduates whose training and expertise can be at par with local and global standards.


Inspired by our vision, we shall endeavor to provide quality educational experiences that will enable out students to acquire functional knowledge, creative skills and desirable values, thus, preparing them to be  truly effective and efficient professionals in their own area of expertise.


Grow with Us!

It has always been the policy of the institution to be cognizant of, and receptive to the ever-changing needs and demands of the youth, especially in terms of education. Such is a social responsibility upon which the institution is founded; the same responsibility which compelled the college to re-examine and re-evaluate its limited role and contribution in molding the future of our youth in the light of the institution’s image as a school where wisdom, knowledge and skills are built.
The Finn Family founded LA UNION COLLEGE OF NURSING (now LA FINNS SCHOLASTICA COLLEGES) on 2003. The College quickly emerged in the academic world, yet the founders’ involvement originally in nursing extends over two decades considering that they had been one of the country’s mainstays in sending nurses to the United States of America.
The college had initially 53 enrollees, during the first semester school year 2003-2004, increasing to 130 during the second semester, the enrollment gradually increased to more than a thousand, after 2 years of operation, having then their first graduates on March 2007.
At present, LFSC is undergoing major improvements in its physical facilities to  accommodate the needs of the students, and to build on the success of its development to date. 
The College strongly believes in the continuing development of the learning process, as the College strives to fulfill its mission of providing quality education and developing effective and efficient professionals not only Nationally, but Internationally



Career Development